Racism Is A Social Issue In Society

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Racism is a social belief where members of a particular race possess qualities and abilities restricted only to their group which allows them to gain supremacy amongst other races. Racism is a never-ending social issue in the world. Although countries with high economic status are considered as culturally diverse countries, racism is still evident in their society. An example is the Great Britain. According to Corby the British border between colors, the black and whites, had begun during wars (2006). It had started when 492 Jamaican immigrants landed on a British port and intensify when 130,000 out of 3 million American troops are African-American. At that time different forms of racism were felt and obviously seen by the community. Examples…show more content…
It has 2 types: First is the invisible racism and second is the systemic racism. Invisible racism occurs unobvious to people such as stereotyping them base on their given race. Another example is through job employment where an employer can decide not to interview people with Arabic sounding names or those who has African background (Australian Human Rights Commission). The next and last type is the systemic or structural racism, where individuals can implement certain rules that can create a disadvantage to a person from a different ethnicity. A good example of this kind is through language; a company owned by an English man can provide written manuscript in English for the convenience of everyone but this can also create a disadvantage to someone who neither speaks nor understand English. In conclusion racism can happen in any place, in any time, and can occur explicitly and discreetly. We have knew that racism can occur both explicitly and discreetly, but what urges and individual to be a racist or to commit racism. Racism can be caused by three factors. It can be through an individual’s mental capacity, emotional…show more content…
A victim of racism can experience the mental aspects through breakdowns, their loss of self confidence, and a constant fear of harm in the environment. They can also have trust issues running in their mind, and can only trust their family. Lastly constant and frequent breakdowns may result in to depression and lead to physical harm. The second part is the physical aspect. Constant worrisome may create rapid heart rates and shaking of the body, while serious depression may result to the feeling of unworthiness which may result to physical harm to one’s body. Lastly the one who obtains the impact is the social aspect. Racism creates division; it can create a “them” from “us”. It continuously segregates people from different races. It also affects the rights of those who are victims of racism in the society. The society in some aspects losses its morality, especially in decision making when it involves black and whites, it creates bias opinion. In conclusion racism can affect a single person, without prevention this can continuously spread in to the whole community and in some cases the whole

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