Racism Is Destroying The Australian Dream Speech Analysis

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This article discusses the speech given by an Indigenous journalist, Stan Grant who participated in a debate where he spoke for the motion “Racism is destroying the Australian Dream’’. Hence, the main points of this article are mostly evidence given by Grant in his debate to support his idea that the Australian Dream is indeed rooted in racism.
One of the main points is that the indigenous Australians are often excluded and disregarded as non-Australians simply due to their race and skin colour. Grant pointed out the incident where AFL player Adam Goodes was publicly jeered and told that he did not belong to his country as he was not an Australian despite the fact that Australia indeed is the land of his ancestors. The constant booing and jeering of the crowds were what Stan Grant referred to as ‘’howls of humiliation’’. It was an unmistakable act of shaming and discrimination towards indigenous people; it was an implication that they are not meant to be a part of the great Australian Dream.
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The quality of living of the aboriginals were far from what was pictured and recited in the national anthem, the indigenous were in fact nowhere near to being young or free. In fact, Grant pinpointed that indigenous people generally lived a shorter life as compared to average Australians. Although the aboriginals are the minority of the country, they are a quarter of those locked up in jail. Stan Grant emphasized on the ratio of the population of indigenous people to that of the prisoners in Australia to highlight the prejudice against the aboriginals. Even the indigenous youths and children are more likely to fall victim to being jailed than to become high school

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