Racism: Prejudice And Discrimination

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Racism As the world has grown overtime, some of its oldest practices have continued on and grown along with it. An individual can see racism occurring over and over again when looking at the past. Unfortunately, an individual can also see racism in the world today. Racism can be defined as being prejudice or discriminative in behavior towards another group of people perceived as a different race. Groups may be almost identical physiologically, but still be divided against each other on the basis of culture, language, religion, and nationality. Even here in America, we see the ongoing issue of racial inequality that is left over from segregation and slavery in the early imperialistic world. David A. Graham’s article “Sandra Bland and the Long…show more content…
Britain held the belief that it was their duty to help Indians. India was one of the biggest outlets to trade in Asia, and wanted to take advantage of that. Britain, at that time, based many of their conquests on the idea of imperialism. This justified their involvement in India. Britain wanted to get resources from India, and so coming into the land and taking over seemed easiest and most efficient. This led to the destruction of a native Indian’s traditional society. The British came in and wanted the land to be structured so similarly to Britain. This made it so there were clear social divisions between the Indians and the British, as the Indians did not and would not ever understand the British culture. The forces of law and order were almost invariably deployed in favor of British rule. Though there were sections of the Indian population who were more or less happy under British rule, like the wealthy Indians who were secure in their possessions and privileges, all Indians, whatever their status, shared the experience of being treated as racial inferiors. They were continually dissatisfied and oppressed by their new situation under British law. Indians were practically forced to serve and work under British men. Throughout the period, racism and prejudice became stronger as British fear for authority rocketed. Britain’s wanted to maintain power and control India…show more content…
This is an issue that has existed in the past but has reappeared in a new form today. Although black Americans have as many rights as white Americans do, there are clearly many underlying issues. The specific county that Sandra Bland died in has seen so much prejudice that they are unable to trust the judicial system to deliver fair outcomes, thus showing once again that racism is a problem that has not been solved even after hundreds of
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