Racism Problem

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Racism is a problem that has been in the world for a long time. Although racism has gotten better throughout the time it definitely still exists. Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior to another. The reason I wanted to research this topic because I thought that I would be interesting. Racism is a topic that is brought up a lot in the media. It seems to be a topic that everyone knows about. My driving question is How can society solve racism? As I was researching I thought of a few answers. One of my main thoughts was I think we can stop racism by being nice to each other and not make fun of someone because of skin or religion. I think my problem can be solved. The reason I think my problem can be solved because if people can stop being mean maybe more people will be nicer to each other. Racism is the belief that one particular race is superior to another in a physical or emotional way. It can also be defined as the belief that people are divided into different entities called “races”. This problem started a really long time ago even before America began. When racism started it was about religion, some people didn’t believe other people 's religion or their gods so they mocked them. Then they did it cause of skin to people started making fun of people because of their skin. Some people take racism so far as to harm other…show more content…
One solution is to stop other people from being mean one way to do this is if you see someone being mean just go and stop them if you do this it should help some people stop being mean as well. They might be nice to other people instead of being mean. My second solution is to help people and be nice to everyone and don 't discriminate people or make fun of because of race. This can help by showing other people and then they could stop as well. These are just two ways that you can help stop racism and make people stop being mean because of their
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