Racism, Racial Discrimination And Xenophobia

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INTRODUCTION Racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia have become a phenomenon in our society and it is affecting all people from around the world. Most of the countries cannot stop the discrimination because of history and this historic discrimination continues to weigh on the present. Racial discrimination is affecting young minority teens toady because it is now affecting their self esteem when the world around them judges them by what they see and not by what they know. Looking at xenophobia people often mistaken it with racism these two are very different, xenophobia covers any kind of fear related to an individual or group perceived as being different. This is due to different reasons I will discuss them in this research paper including…show more content…
You hear it when people: • make "jokes" or negative comments about a particular ethnic group • call others racist names or verbally abuse them • Bully, hassle or intimidate others because of their race. You see it when people: • write racist graffiti in public places • make offensive comments online • are excluded from groups because they 're "different" or "don 't belong" • Are physically abused because of their race. What is racial discrimination? Racial discrimination behaviour Other types of discrimination This is when you treated unfairly because of your race or because of someone you are connected with it could be your partner or friend. Race means colour, nationality, citizenship and ethnic or national origins. It illegal for race discrimination to take place in the following situations if it does happen you are required to take action about it: • Employment and training • Education • Banking and entertainment • Transport • Housing • Local authorities • Police • Prisons • Government departments Other types of discrimination as well as race discrimination examples: • Sexual orientation • Pregnancy • Disability •…show more content…
from my research I came across an article of xenophobia that is happening in west,east,and southern part of Africa .Causes of these attack is triggered by jobs and economic situation and the government seems not to be taking action a lot of lives were lost in south Africa because of xenophobia .People were killing each other because foreigners are taking south Africans jobs if you look at Zimbabwe the economy is very bad now and people are flocking to southafrican because they do not need a visa to enter south Africa. It’s not just Zimbabweans only Nigerians too, Chinese, Ghanaians, kenyanians the list is endless I will show you video of a xenophobic attack for for who think it does not exist. There is racism around the globe and this is a very big problem because of what our parents tell us you find most children are scared to get in contact with a different race some of them still insult a different race .Researchers know how racism started and when it began ,it started in the 1500 century and 1600 century it began from America where there was slavery and in most cases it was white people who where slaving the black people .It just carried on but not in a
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