Racism: The Most Important Social Issues In The World

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Racism is one of the most important social issues in the world, it seems to be trending in social network more often, especially when they say blacks can be racists as well.
It is true black people and minorities can be racists, however they cannot carry out acts of racism because they do not have the opportunities or resource to practice racism in the manner white Americans have in the past and present. The issue at hand is that blacks can be racists it has affected millions of people worldwide. Racism is the discrimination of other groups on the basis of their different descent begins in the modern period. The question is to as to why racism still exists worldwide today, though it has been existing for many years ago it increases daily on our lives
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Both blacks and whites should know that they are fully identical only the race is different, we also have different backgrounds, behaviour, and culture and how we view the world. There are many and different populations that speaks different languages also different culture and economy however those who speak the same language classifies themselves as one group. The form in which racism is taking-in in South Africa at the moment is racism-not derived from the belief of superiority but racism in the form of enacting laws and policies which allow only one segment of the population to compete for places in the job market which should be open to all. With all this lingering facts, anthropologists have wondered why this issues continuously remains. This was what led to some questions they pondered on as to why racism, discrimination still exists on a very high level in the United States, and even many other parts of the world today. Some of the questions anthropologist kept asking includes. ‘’ why do racists attitudes continue to exists, maybe people are naturally critizing people of the other

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