Rad Coffee Swot Analysis Essay

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Strengths As a new business, Rad Coffee already has been receiving a generous amount of feedback from customers. They have their very own unique theme and style. In addition to that, they serve specialty coffee and their own creation of a variety interesting blended drinks and sweet treats. They strive to make each visit a memorable experience for their customers. They are also vegan friendly, which could be a great factor to make Rad Coffee stronger than many other coffee shops. As our generation nowadays has been exposed to many ugly truths about the food that we consume into our bodies, many youths and young adults are starting to be more concerned about healthier options when it comes to choosing the right food and drink to consume.…show more content…
Opportunities Rad Coffee provides its customers with a unique experience that isn’t duplicated anywhere else. Rad Coffee, unlike its competition, created an environment that caters to every individual with everyone’s favorite coffee beverages and some new, fun, creative creations that are unique to Rad Coffee such as the Frankenstein and Cookies & Scream blended drinks. With their off-the-wall personality and their “cater-to-all” styled beverage menu, Rad Coffee has created a brand for itself that is sure to stand above the competition. Furthermore, as a small coffee shop, it could be easier to maintain the business. They have a high potential to expand to more locations with different radical themes to attract more diverse types of people with different personalities and interests. 4. Threats The greatest threat to Rad Coffee is accessibility and exposure. Rad Coffee is not a coffee chain such as Starbucks that you could find off every exit on a freeway. There is only one location in Upland, California which doesn’t allow for the business to gain a clientele beyond the local environment. Although Rad Coffee is a completely unique and interesting establishment, it may not be enough to break through its
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