Radar Online: A Narrative Analysis

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Fans of Alaskan Bush People know that Ami and Billy Brown have always talked about her childhood like she went through a rough time. Now Radar Online is sharing that Ami Brown 's family is revealing that according to them that is not the truth at all. Ami 's mother Earlene Branson, 84, and brother Les, 57, are not staying quiet about how she grew up living with them. They say that her childhood wasn 't full of poverty and abuse at all and that Ami was actually spoiled.

Ami and her mother have been estranged for 37 years, and now it is being revealed that as a child she was really close to her mother. Earlene and Les have been doing what they can to reunite with Ami, but so far it hasn 't happened. Les shared that he actually hopes they can still meet up with Ami at some point. He said, "I’m still very hopeful that Ami …show more content…

Les revealed that their parents divorced when Ami was just eight-years-old. He said, "She lived in a home with a single parent who worked two jobs to keep afloat." According to Les, it sounds like this is the only thing difficult that she really had to deal with during her childhood. Les feels like Ami Brown 's husband Billy has convinced her that she had a bad childhood and really wants to keep Ami from contacting her family.

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Right now, Ami Brown 's family is still trying to contact her. They aren 't going to stop anytime either. Radar Online shared that Ami 's mother actually tried to go and visit her last summer, but it didn 't work out for her. She made it to Alaska, but the family was gone while she was there. Ami 's mother really hopes that she can see her at least one more time. She went to Alaska for her 83rd birthday and was really hoping to make this happen, but it

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