Radha Aunty Chapter Summary

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In chapter two “Radha Aunty”, Arjie instantly develops a connection to his aunt Radha who encouraged Arjie to be himself, “...allowing [him] to play with her makeup and jewelry…” (Selvadurai 49). The special connect Arjie shares with Radha Aunty inspires him join her in the performance of The King and I. Selvadurai foreshadows Radha Aunty’s faith through the story of The King and I as Arjie’s curiously asks his mother if the king marries the governess in the end. Arjie’s mother replies, “You must be mad. ...people [don’t] marry outside their race. ...Because most people marry their own kind” (53). Although Arjie did not understand the othering Radha Aunty and the rest of his family felt by the Sinhalese at that moment, he later does through
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