Radial Nerve Palsy Essay

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Radial Nerve Palsy

Radial Nerve Palsy (RNP) is cause by damage your radial nerve, which is one of the main nerves in your arm, “commonly results from external pressure on the nerve in the spiral groove of the humerus (Saturday night palsy) or from a fracture of the humerus” (Brown, Suneja, Szot, 2015). Damage to the radial nerve can be serious and possibly cause permanent damage “paralysis of the extensor digitorum communis prevents extension of the wrist and fingers with thumb and finger drop” (Brown et al., 2015). The radial nerve is what moves your wrist up and down it “begins in the neck moving down to the upper arms and runs down to the wrist and fingers” (Radial Nerve Palsy, 2015). The radial nerve can be damaged due to it being pinched, having tumors, fractures, and bruises, even a hair tie or a bracelet that is too tight on the wrist can cause RNP. Anything that may possibly put pressure on your radial nerve can potentially be the cause of RNP. Radial nerve palsy is also “susceptible to lead intoxication” (Ropper,
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Wearing a splint is also a big help, it gives your arm steadiness and helps it have solidity instead of just hanging freely, it also helps as “you may lose all feeling in your arm or hand, the muscles in your hand may start to tighten and shorten causing your hand to curl into a fist making it unable to be used” (Radial Nerve Palsy-Care Guide, 2015). The doctor may suggest for you to put numbing creams on to help with the pain and discomfort. Medications can also be given for the pain as well as steroid injections, in worst case scenarios when all else fails surgery is an option. Having surgery is a big decision in any type of situation so trying out PT and other treatments would be best, if you do decide surgery it is not always guaranteed that it will

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