Radical Animal Rights Groups Harm Society Summary

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Teresa Platt is an executive director for the Fur Commission U.S.A. division which works on behalf of mink farmers and furriers. The Fur Commission U.S.A represents over 600 mink and fox farming families in nearly 31 states. Throughout the article “Radical Animal Rights Groups Harm Society,” Platt describes to the reader how several animal rights and environmental groups such as the Animal Liberation Front, or the ALF, and the Earth Liberation Front, or the ELF, discriminate against honest farmers. She also claims that radical environmentalists vandalize mink and dairy farmers with the assumption that people can live without misusing animals. Lastly, she maintains that people have always depended on animal products such as food and clothing for survival. Through the article, Platt hopes to inform the reader on what certain environmental groups are doing to farmers and hopes that through this knowledge, the abuse will be stopped.…show more content…
However, I feel they are going too far and much too extreme in order to stop farmers and researches from obtaining animals from the wild. Certain groups capture animals whether its farmers, rescuers or hunters. Because of the various groups obtaining animals, there are certain requirements and animal regulations for each group. Farmers usually obtain animals to provide food for the nation, rescuers obtain animals as a means of rescuing them from the cold environment or even from being pets in violent households and lastly, game hunters capture animals for their own personal means. Out of these three categories of people, I feel that the one that animal rights groups should target are the hunters because their hunting of animals does not help human or

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