Radical Feminist Analysis

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In a world of ever-changing societal movements, there’s one word we’ve all come across: feminism. To some, it’s a repugnant message of female superiority. To others, it’s a glorifying medium through which social justice is heard. Why does feminism appear to be such an insulting, unappealing word to some, and so important to others? While the issue of feminism has two very opposing viewpoints, each stance has some interesting rationales. Believe it or not, both sides can work together through a little clemency and consideration. Ah, feminism. As some would say, any word with an “ism” on it sounds overwhelming, controlling, and suppressing. Some even tie it to atheism, as it appears to be a movement absent of important religious values. Radical feminists can ruin it for everyone. Known as “feminazis” who work to overpower men and change societal norms by “freeing the nipple” and terminating the hygienic activity of shaving, radicals represent themselves as extreme, militant feminists who solely care about being better than equal. These kind of feminists seek to abolish standards that are necessary for a stable society. According to Janet Bloomfield (2015), blogger at Thought Catalog, “Women, feminists argue[d], are equal, except when they are special and then equal doesn’t count and is unfair and won’t everyone please…show more content…
According to Alanna Vagianos (2014), blogger for The Huffington Post, Gloria Steinem stated, “The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.” Rather than just focusing only on female empowerment, Steinem also sought out humanitarianism, the engagement of promoting human welfare and happiness of all people. Radical feminists should realize that the goal of feminism isn’t to completely and utterly obliterate the existence of men; it’s to obtain an equal position in society as

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