Radical Unschooling Analysis

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Maya Schenwar, a 2005 graduate of Swarthmore College, is executive director of Truthout, a Web site whose purpose is to save humanity and the planet. In “Radical “Unschooling” Moms are Changing the stay-at Home Landscape” Schenwar writes about homeschooling. Like their hippie and creationist colleagues, these new homeschoolers decry the morality of public education, which they see as steeped in sexism, racism, classism heterosexism, and elitism. They prefer a type of homeschooling called “unschooling,” in which parents act not only as teachers, but guide their children toward their own explorations. Now the feminist becomes a stay-at-home mother, who needs financial support, usually from the father.
Schenwar writes “Homeschooling was once thought of as the domain of hippie earth mothers who let kids do their own thing or creationist Christians shielding their kids from monkey science and premarital sex” (221). Homeschooling was illegal in 30 states, but these days it is legal across the country. Parents are now homeschooling for faith-based reasons, quality of education freedom to travel, special needs of their child or frustrations with the educational system. These parents are instilling open-mindedness and social consciousness along with reading, science and math. In unschooling, children choose what they want to study, with parents guiding their explorations. In traditional homeschooling, parents play the role of teacher, determine the curriculum, hand out

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