Radicalism In Islam

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Muslims are responsible only for preaching their religion through logic; they apply no pressure or compulsion on anyone and were enjoined to articulate gently to even the harshest deniers. Radicals do not behave in this manner, because radicalism stands for the opposite of those qualities that have been enumerated. Indeed, radicalism is not an Islamic way of thought and a political stance that came into the Islamic world from outside is not real. If social phenomena described in terms of radicalism is examined, it will be seen that these are merely a compilation of methods and pronouncements used by communists in the past, or an expression of the "fanatical rage" that found no place in Islam. The religion of Islam can by no means stand for…show more content…
It is also propagated that for Muslims, Islam is the only true religion and all other religions are declared as false. It is also strongly propagated that Islam is at war with the rest of world for planetary control and supremacy. Islamic Terrorists are termed as cause for almost all of the world 's terrorist attacks. This has extended a belief among non-muslims that only Muslims are innocent, therefore killing non-Innocents is encouraged in Islam as some justifiable form of vengeance. In other words, unbelievers are not worthy of living; they must adopt Islam or deserve to die. Like ignorant Muslims, Non-Muslims have firm belief that they are clearly termed as Kafirs or second class citizens that should be dominated or remained under the control of Islam. The extremism and militancy has did nothing but has ruined the soft image of Islam. Islam is not what perceived by the west and as described in the above…show more content…
Pakistan and Iran tensions could be stirred up by continuous attacks against Pakistan’s Shia population. Mutual collaboration on a gas pipeline project and various counter-terrorism initiatives can be threatened. There are also chances that Pakistan once again be declared as the battleground in a proxy clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Pakistan is at a crossroads once again. Militant and extremists have threatened the territorial integrity of the State. Present government is facing conflicting pressure from the United States and the militant extremists. The economy is in fiasco and over inflation coupled with lack of investment and the flight of capital is destroying the different sectors of government and society as well. Uncontrolled corruption, nepotism and breakdown of civic facilities have detained the nation. Poor law and order created by mercenaries, criminals and extremists have taken a heavy toll on the daily life of general public. There are numerous factors causing militancy; hence no single solution exists for problems faced by us. Multiple concurrent line of actions need to be adopted and global representation must to be taken into account while considering way forward. The local as well as external factors need be taken care of to isolate and eliminate

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