Radio, And The Characters In The Movie Radio

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James as known as Radio is the character with a disability in the 2003 movie Radio. He is concerned mental disable which would be classified as intellectually disable. The term intellectual disability replaced mental retardation which was used in past. Students with intellectual disability may exhibit the following characteristics: language developmental delays, limited academic skills, significant need for social skill development difficulty with generalizing knowledge and skills, challenges with metacognition, and adaptive behavior difficulties across multiple domains ( p 154) Radio exhibits several of the characteristics throughout the movie. Radio is unable to effective communicate with others. He initially does not speak to others. He is often seen with his shopping cart daily. Due to Radio’s disability, he is unable to perform functional activities expected of age and cultural norms ( ). He doesn’t know that a young man should not enter a ladies’ locker room, and he is easily treated by others to enter the locker room. At the beginning of the movie, Radio is not attending school. Coach Jones eventually develops a relationship with Radio and assist him in attending high school. Unlike students his age, Radio learns to read while in high school. Radio eventually earns a high school diploma, but doesn’t complete a general education curriculum. Throughout the movie Radio is depicted as several of the stereotypical view of a person with a
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