Mobile Hacking Essay

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A.Arthi1, P.Deekshitha2,R.Elakiya3
1,2-UG Student, 3-Assistant Professor, Department of Computer science and Engineering
Anand0 Institute of Higher Technology, Chennai.

Abstract—RFID is a wireless device which is used for identifying objects, data and people in an effective way. In number of applications Radio Frequency Identification have been used for past few decades and have been implemented in various environment, but it is very challenging to fight against access control system due to reasons such as stolen or unauthorized duplications of the Smart cards. Other techniques to overcome this is to use bar code detection but bar code readers
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Cell phones use a cell phone service carrier’s global system mobile communication network by searching for cell phone towers in the nearby area. Global system for mobile communication is a globally accepted standard for digital cellular communication The mobile station consists of the physical equipment, such as the radio transceiver, display and digital signal processors, and a smart card called the Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM provides personal mobility, so that the user can have access to all subscribed services irrespective of both the location of the terminal and the use of a specific terminal. By inserting the SIM card into another Global System for Mobile communication cellular phone, the user is able to receive calls at that phone, make calls from that phone, or receive other subscribed…show more content…
The reader is electronic devices which transmits and receives a radio signals. The antennas has a reader which is attached, the reader translates the smart card radio signals through antenna. The antenna within a reader generates an electromagnetic field, when smart card with radio frequency is present near this electromagnetic field the data or information stored on the chip in the smart card is get transfer to reader [3]. Radio frequency Identification card comes in different ranges of forms and vary in radio frequency and storage capacity. Here low-frequency 125 KHZ RFID cards are used to identify a user, which is fast and does not require contact between reader and the tagged. It is used to provide unique identification that allows for wide range of applications RFID cards can be read very quickly also they can be read in all types of

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