Radioactive Boy Scout Book Report

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Introduction “The Radioactive Boy Scout” by Ken Silverstein tells the story of David Hahn and his scientific adventures. David, born in 1976, was in a dysfunctional family with a work alcoholic father and a mentally ill alcoholic mother. To avoid his parents and because he was very smart, he turned to science. He stayed in his room and did experiments which made him happy and in control. He became a Boy Scout because his dad wanted him to be busy and not have enough time to do his experiments. Key Idea 1 In 8th grade Physical Science, the Periodic Table is very important. We have talked about all of the elements on the table. We have learned about the atomic mass and atomic weight of each element. I have learned about which elements are liquids, solids, and gases. There are many kinds of elements. One type is alkali metals such as lithium, potassium, and sodium. There are also alkaline earth metals such as magnesium, radium, and calcium. There are transition metals like titanium, iron, cobalt, and zinc. There are basic metals such as aluminum, tin, and lead. Next there are semimetals such as boron, silicon, and polonium. Nonmetals include carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Noble gases…show more content…
Sanders makes us have goals. He gives us projects every nine weeks and even in the summer that we have to do. Last summer we read “Rocket Boys” and learned a lot about science and how people our age used it. Sonny Hickam became interested in rockets when he heard about Sputnik and he wanted to make his own rockets. His teacher Miss Riley encouraged him to accomplish his goals. Sometimes he got frustrated and wanted to give up but she kept him going. The community wanted him to enter the national science fair and even paid to have his stolen tips and nozzles to be replaced. After we read the book, we had to create a poster full of information about the book. Mr. Sanders gave us goals to do in order to make a good
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