Radioactive Fallout Analysis

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Historical Question: Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War--the United States or the Soviet Union According to “The Facts about Fallout”, a United States Civil Defense pamphlet published in the 1950s, “The whole world is radioactive. But normal amounts are not dangerous. It is only when radioactivity is present in highly concentrated amounts, such as those created by atomic and hydrogen bomb explosions, that it becomes dangerous. Radioactive fallout is sometimes highly concentrated. If you are exposed to it for too long...IT WILL HURT YOU! IT MAY EVEN KILL YOU!” During the Cold War time period that began in 1945 at the end of WW2 and ended in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union the United States issued a lot of warnings to the…show more content…
According to a telgram sent by Soviet Abassador Nikolai Novikov to a Soviet Leadership member, “The foreign policy of the United States, which reflects the imperialist tendencies of American monopolitic capital, is charaterized in the postwar peiod by a striving for world supremecy. This is the real meaning of the many statements by President Truman and other representatives of AMerican ruling circles; that the United States has the right to lead the world. All the forces of american diplomacy--the army, the air force, the naviy, industry and scienc--are enlisted in the service of theis foreign policy. For this purpose broad plans for expansion have been devlelped and are being implemented through diplomacy and the establishemnt of a system of naval and air bases stretching far beyone the boundaries of the United SAtates, through the arms race, and through the creation of ever newer types of wearpons.” This evidence shows that in 1946 the Soviet Union was also engaging in militarism by making new atomic and nuclear bombs, the V2 rocket which was inspired during the Cold War and could reach from one end of the world to the other and blow its target to smithereens. So although the Soviet Union was keeping up with the U.S. in their militarism, the United States was the biggest part of the cause of the Cold War because they launched the first nuclear weapon during WW2 and continued to exercise and devleop their military might. So you can see that the SOviet Union was really just trying to keep up in the arms race but they weren’t the one that stated the Cold
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