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I am currently in my third year of studying BSc Therapeutic Radiography at St Georges University of London. I enjoy studying this course and enjoy both the theoretical and practical aspects of this course. I hope to use the knowledge and skills gained to put to use in a clinical environment. I have applied for this position as I feel I would be a great attribute to the team and have the skills and experience needed. I am a highly driven individual who is compassionate, and enthusiastic in making a difference to people undergoing radiotherapy. I am able to work well stress. Over 2 years of experience in practice has strengthened my ability to adapt to situations and build upon skills required to work in a busy radiotherapy department. For instance,…show more content…
I have knowledge in techniques such as 3D CRT, IMRT, VMAT, IGRT and Stereotactic Radiotherapy. I also have experience in using Varian and True Beam linacs and as well as superficial units. I have also had the experience of using different modalities such as ExacTrac, MV, KV and CBCT. I have up to date experience in setting up patients in newer advancements such as breath hold and dynamic breast radiotherapy. I have also spent time in a palliative ward and seen the different perspective of caring for patients and appreciating the role of other members in the multi-disciplinary team. Furthermore, I have also had the opportunity to observe treatments that take place in Cyberknife and Brachytherapy as well as participating in the Quality Assurance of the…show more content…
Effectively communicating with patients who can’t speak English and using appropriate hand gestures to help them understand. Furthermore, I have explained the radiotherapy processes to patients, ensuring that they understood and explained the management of any possible radiotherapy side effects. At placement, there had been situations where patient have been distressed and overwhelmed. I made sure that to reassure patients by listening to their concerns and communicating with the team of radiographers where extra support is needed. I have taken part in audits and communicating relevant information to other health care professions.

Areas of interest

I undertook my undergraduate project on comparing proton therapy with various photon techniques such as 3D CRT, IMRT and VMAT. I found the topic to be of a great interest when I was looking at current development in the radiotherapy profession. I enjoy keeping up with the current advancements and am eager to learn new techniques to increase my knowledge as well as updating my current knowledge of areas such as radiation physics and treatment equipment.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at interview to discuss my application in more
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