Radiologic Technologist Ethical Principles

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Radiological Technologist like all of healthcare professionals have ethical principles. The Standards of Ethics of radiologic technologists is set forth by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, also known as ARRT. The Standard of Ethics of Radiologic Technologists are meant to apply any individual who holds certificate and registered by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, also Standards of Ethics applies to future candidates, like myself, for certification and registration by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist. According to American Registry of Radiologic Technologists “The Standards of Ethics are intended to be consistent with the Mission Statement of ARRT, and to promote the goals set forth in the Mission Statement.” Certified and registered Radiologic Technologist must uphold the Standards of Ethics, because it sets the professional values on what is meant to be qualified professional…show more content…
Bioethics has four main principle and first principle of bioethics is autonomy which means radiologic technologist must respect the decision of their patients. Patients have right to refuse procedures. Second principle of bioethics is beneficence, which says that radiologic technologist have most promote the welfares of their patients, while maximizing the benefits and minimize harmful effect, for example following the ALARA principle of radiation safety, ALARA stands for As Low As Reasonable Achievable. Radiation is known to cause harmful side effects when is not used properly. Third principle of bioethics is non-maleficence, which prevents radiologic technologist from harming their patients physically and mentally, for example RT(r) cannot share their patient’s information with other people who are not involve in that patient 's care team (ARRT and Tegrity

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