Radiologic Technologist Research Paper

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Radiologic Technologist: The Image behind the X-Rays As people wait in the waiting room, they hear the screams of a little boy coming in with his father carrying him. The father rushes in to the emergency room shouting that his little boy has a broken leg and is in very much pain. The nurses sprinted to the little boy and took him to a room with a bed as fast as they could. After the nurses did everything possible to calm the little boy, the doctor came in and made sure the father was aware of what was going to happen. They nurses came in and notified him that they need to take images to see the damage. This is where the radiologic technologist team comes in. With that being said, with their years of training, radiologic technologist succeed in taking x-rays…show more content…
You can also complete a twenty-one to twenty-four month program that will allow you to get a special type of certificate that is also valuable to become a radiologic technologist (“Who Are Radiologic Technologist”). With this career you don’t have to burry your face in the books or camp at your school. You just have to dedicate your time and give it your best and you will have your certificate in no time. Jen Powell also verified that most occupations do require you to have an associate’s degree, but if you want a better salary you can always go for your bachelor’s degree. It is always more beneficial to have more education and training when it comes to a career, even though you are always learning something new every day. There are many different colleges and programs you can join for this career. You can either go to a university or to a community college of your choice. You can also go to a technician school that offers a radiologic technologist program (“How to Become a Radiologic Technologist in 5

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