Career Of A Radiologist Essay

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Radiologist Did you know that radiologists are sometimes called “doctor’s doctors”? The reason for this is because of their behind the scenes work helping doctors get the job done. But to see the big picture of radiologist’s work, one needs to dig a little deeper. When considering the career of a radiologist, one must look at all of the details of the job, education, and training needed, and the upcoming future of radiology. What is a radiologist? A radiologist is specialty doctors who utilize many different advanced medical imaging techniques to diagnose and sometimes treat patients with all kinds of illnesses. Some techniques that are commonly used are X-rays, ultrasounds, Computerized Tomography(CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI), Fluoroscopy, Positron Emission Tomography(PET), and…show more content…
To help doctors arrive at a quick diagnosis in a short amount of time, radiologist put into thought medical history, exam results, and their own interpretations of the images. Radiologist work behind the scenes, sometimes they get involved in the procedure by creating electronic maps to help guide the instruments being used. Patient contact is limited, some go weeks without seeing a patient face to face.Most of their work is done in an office setting, with imaging machines at hand if they need them. Work hours depend on where you work. Doctors who work at hospitals work long hours, sometimes even nights, weekends and holidays. Those who are employed by outpatient centers usually work normal business hours, 9 am to 5 pm. The average annual salary for radiologists is around $375,000, starting out lower, but growing with the more experience you have. (How to . . . Radiologist.). (What does . . . do?). To become a radiologists takes many years of hard work and practice. First, one must go to four years of college or

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