Radiometer Case Study Summary

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Radiometer has started under the Danaher’s direction, an intensive program of process improvements through the use of the Danaher Business System (DBS), a constant tool system and company culture that concentrates to continuously improve the company’s growth, leadership capabilities and lean principles. Furthermore, Danaher has its philosophy focused on Lean, which implies that Radiometer needs to have described processes in order to deliver the same consistent output and to be able to control it and change it, when needed (Wells and Danskin, 2014)

Radiometer has more than 100 distributors over the world, and most of its production and R&D is done in countries like Denmark, USA, Switzerland, Finland and Poland, and 30 sales companies that
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This vision is regarded as an ultimate competitive advantage. In terms of achievements, the business goals are to achieve a growth rate of 10% every year, and to increase productivity and efficiency by 8% a year, for example to produce 8% cheaper every year by discovering new and smarter work processes. There is also a tendency to improve the quality of products and services by 50% each year. In this case, quality is measured as the number of ‘unplanned’ service visits per device. Therefore, the lower the number of unplanned service visits, the better the quality. According to internal statistics, the unplanned visits per device were 1.5 on average in the year 2012 (Hoyrup and Moller, 2013)

4.3.1 Products and solutions

Radiometer provides a broad product portfolio in order to meet the needs of acute care diagnostics. Radiometer offers solutions that produce fast and accurate information on an extensive number of parameters used in the diagnosis and treatment of severely ill patients in hospitals. Additionally Radiometer’s products are being used in blood banks, general practice offices, and clinic in the screening process and treatment of certain conditions. In the following section the company’s offerings are presented according to the information gathered from the official website (2015).

Blood gas
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1st Automatic solution associates analysers, samplers and data management, to get the right result for the right patient at the right time, while improving operator safety and sample integrity. It provides a positive patient identification at the bedside, and it helps avoid the patient identification errors, by updating all the patient’s records automatically and immediately without any worries regarding the manual data entry or transcription errors. The blood gas testing process is simplified and automated, therefore there is no waiting time for results to be printed out since the 1st Automatic sends all the information wherever it is

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