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1. TRIP/EVENT PREPARATION a. The visit is your opportunity to show RADM Midgette your command and AOR so the itinerary will be based largely upon your input. As your unit begins to piece together this visit, please also keep in mind and include key CG AUX personnel, the Senior Reserve Officer, and Reserve CMC as appropriate. PLEASE let your higher command know RADM Midgette will be in your AOR for a visit. b. In preparing for the visit, you should be thinking about how RADM Midgette can assist your command in the execution of its missions. For example, can the visit assist you in nurturing key partnerships, highlighting stellar performance, or relaying critical challenges? Do you have any infrastructure, staffing, doctrine or equipment…show more content…
Members are encouraged to state what is on their minds during all-hands events. Questions should not be pre-scripted or formally vetted through the command. Please suggest those asking questions to clearly state their names and their place of work (i.e. “Petty Officer Smith, I work in the MK shop”). 6. UNDERWAY / FLIGHT OPPORTUNITIES a. As scheduling allows, RADM Midgette looks forward to underway/flight time with operational units to familiarize himself with the unit’s AOR, observe operations, view critical infrastructure, and allow the crew to demonstrate their professional competency. These opportunities are dependent upon unit operational tempo, weather, resource availability, and the overall schedule. b. If your unit has an underway or flight opportunity in which you believe would be interesting please let me know. Also, please be prepared to provide appropriate PPE for the environmental conditions. c. If getting underway or flying, have the crew and the asset standing by ready to go upon RADM Midgette’s arrival. RADM Midgette’s pendant or placard should be in place when…show more content…
Any additional read-ahead material you feel would be important for RADM Midgette to review prior to his visit. Please ensure that any unit information provided to me has been reviewed and approved through your chain of command. Keep this material short and concise. One page issue papers with a “Bottom Line Up Front” (AKA “BLUF”), issue, background, discussion and recommendation (when appropriate) are encouraged. 10. OTHER / MISCELLANEOUS a. UNIFORM: There is no need to change the uniform of the day for RADM Midgette’s visit. ODUs or Trops will typically be the uniform for visits with field units, especially when the visit includes getting underway/ airborne. If the visit requires a higher level of formality please contact me so that I may plan accordingly. b. SECURITY CLEARANCE: If there is a need for a security clearance message for the visit, please let me know at least two weeks in advance. c. MEAL PREFERENCES: If aboard during meal time, RADM Midgette enjoys the opportunity to informally eat meals with smaller groups of individuals to give them an opportunity to express concerns, questions, etc during the visit. Please coordinate such opportunities with me when a meal is part of the

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