Rafael Barbara's Life In The Philippines

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Rafael Palma’s (1874-1939) life includes three period of Philippine history namely the Spanish and Revolutionary period (1521-1898), the American and Reconstruction Period (1898-1935), and the Period of Filipinization and of Commonwealth (1935-1946) (Palma 1953, p. I; Rafael Palma 1974, p.9). He is an excellent writer, lawyer, educator, politician, and entrepreneur. During the Spanish and revolutionary period, he is one of the Filipinos who use pen as a tool to be active in different nationalistic movements. He actively take part in Philippine politics by running as an Assembly representative, as a Senator, and as appointed in various government positions. Consequently, from time to time he shifts from private practice as a lawyer and businessman to serving various positions in the government.…show more content…
I)”. Together with Osmeña and Manuel Quezon (1878-1944), they are known as the “triumvirate that worked for the absolute independence of the Philippines (“MW Rafael Palma”). More than a politician, he is the man behind the great reforms in the University of the Philippines (U.P.) that results for its world prestige. The discussion of Rafael Palma’s life in this paper will be divided into nine main parts namely: 1) Early Life, 2) Education, 3) Married Life, 4) Ideology, 5) Personality, 6) Career, 7) Death, 8) Organizations, and 9) Works and
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