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Rafael, The Kid, The Myth, The Legend

Have you ever thought to yourself that Middle School would be the most boring and drudging experience of your life because your teachers barely ever give you any freedom, I mean think about it, Middle School is exactly like jail, but in jail, you get a phone call. Throughout this book you will see how Rafael Khatchadorian breaks almost every single rule and goes on perilous adventures with his best friend Leo. As you read this book you will be put into Rafael 's prodigious imagination, and experience what it 's like to have slight problems with the authority, and unfortunately, these things collide big time when he enters into middle school where students have to pay attention to the rules and never get caught doing substandard things. With help from his best friend/brother Leo, the mischievous kid concocts schemes to drive his tyrannical principle absolutely insane, while also using his glamour and charm to impress the love of his life, Jeanne and fight back the bullies. Therefore stating that this book shows that life is filled with all kinds of choices.

The main theme in the beginning of the novel is when Rafael pulls the fire alarm. This is shown in the quote, “Still-was I crazy? Was I completely nuts for
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For example, the author writes, “I went into the bathroom and came out a minute later with my ninja costume, running as fast as before (pg. 109).” This quote shows that Rafael is still on his mission to be the absolute worst misbehaving student he can possibly be. As you can see from above, Rafael still hasn 't learned how to control his constant urge to do something atrocious. Once again, if you thought this was the last horrid thing Rafael could ever do, then don’t be surprised when he does something that almost ends his schooling career
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