Rafael Trujillo's Assassination Essay

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Rafael Trujillo was assassinated by Gen Imbert in 1961. After the assassination, Juan Bosch came into power. Early on everyone was rooting for Bosch, but soon realized that they wanted him out as soon as possible. After evil Rafael Trujillo’s assassination, instead of the Dominican Republic (DR) stabilizing, they faced troubles with their new leader. Juan Bosch 's reign was extremely short. His reign was from 1962 to 1963 (Timeline: Dominican Republic). He tried to be a leader that the DR citizens could trust, but that was not going to happen with Bosch.
Juan Bosch had been in opposition with Trujillo for all of his dictatorship. He was a anti-communist reformer (The Dominican Republic, Trujillo Regime, and overthrow of Juan Bosch). Bosch was appreciated by a large majority of the DR citizens. He related with the middle class as well as the poor, and he was the first fairly elected president. As soon as he came into power, people started to dislike him. Bosch started a land redistribution program and make people increase labor. Men really started to dislike him along with members of the Catholic Church. When Bosch got elected as president, the United States started
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during that two years the DR was having economic and turmoil issues (The Dominican Republic, Trujillo Regime, and overthrow of Juan Bosch). In 1965 supporters from the military started an outbreak in the capital. They wanted Bosch back in power immediately. Bosch got warned not to come back to the DR. in 1966 he came back to the DR, but lost to Joaquin Balaguer (Paul Lewis). Joaquin was also an allie of Trujillo. This is a key component because everyone from the DR really disliked Trujillo. There was something about Joaquin that the DR citizens appreciated. Juan did not want to stop ruling the DR, so he continued to run five different times. Every time he ran Joaquin beat him, so finally he stopped trying and accepted his
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