Rage Against The Dying Of The Light Analysis

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eath is something that should be fought rather than mutely accepted. He was referring into the old man who they should not waiting death to come. Otherwise they have to struggle before having a demise. The word ' 'rave ' ' in line 2 connects with the repeated of ' 'rage ' ' at the beginning of line 3, show the anger, power, madness and frustration in emotion. When he says, “rage, rage against the dying of the light” we can see that the dying of the light is means darkness, which is a metaphor for death. Old age should ' 'burn ' ', which brings to mind images of brightness, light, and life. In the third stanza, it is also have a metaphor that he says “good men, the last wave by” as their wave crashes against the rocks, the men shout how beautifully that wave could have danced in the bay if it could have stayed out at sea instead of rolling into the beach. It is used to mention to all type of men that it is important to fight death. In the line 7, “crying” here has two meanings. Either simply mean speaking out or it mean in the literal sense, weeping or mourning. Then, the poet closes each stanza with the same line, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." The repetition of the word "rage" is used for emphasis. It is not enough to say once. Reader can hear his desperation as the word and this line are both repeated. The other words that repeated is the own title in this poem. ' ' Do not go gentle into that good night ' '. It is such a advise to all about being

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