Do Not Go Poem Analysis

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eath is something that should be fought rather than mutely accepted. He was referring into the old man who they should not waiting death to come. Otherwise they have to struggle before having a demise. The word ' 'rave ' ' in line 2 connects with the repeated of ' 'rage ' ' at the beginning of line 3, show the anger, power, madness and frustration in emotion. When he says, “rage, rage against the dying of the light” we can see that the dying of the light is means darkness, which is a metaphor for death. Old age should ' 'burn ' ', which brings to mind images of brightness, light, and life. In the third stanza, it is also have a metaphor that he says “good men, the last wave by” as their wave crashes against the rocks, the men shout how…show more content…
The word ‘grave’ here has two meaning, seriousness and death. These men realize that even though they are weak and losing their sight, they can still use their strength to fight against death. The ‘blinding sight’ here signifies of poet`s father who had lost his sight. They believed that instead of getting near of death, but still they can ‘blaze like meteors.’ The last stanza, “sad height” maybe it symbolizes of death. The close of the death. The poem “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” becomes intensely personal as the poet point to his father and tells him, “Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray” which means that he wants his father to burn with feeling and emotion while he still can, even if he curses his son so long as he does not die with putting up a fight against death. Pleading with him to still be fierce. While the poem state many types of men, the fact that it ends with his father shows that the poet thinks of his father not as the grave, wild, or good men discussed previously, but that he is a category by himself. The poet wants his father to have the qualities of these men. The fact that the poet is not concerned with whether or not his father curses or blesses him shows that he is not necessarily concerned with what his father had to say, but only that he did not fade quietly into
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