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Raiders from the north by Alex Rutherford is a fictionalised story about king Zahir-ud-din-Muhammad Babur, son of Umar-Shaikh and the founder of the Moghul empire. Alex Rutherford is a pseudonym for the husband and wife writing team of Michael and Diane Preston. Alex Rutherford has written seven historical non-fiction books and their previous book was on Taj Mahal. Michael and Diane Preston have also stayed in India for about an year doing research and reading many historical books. During this time period they came across the historical annals of the Moghul empire. Raiders from the north is their first fiction novel.

Raiders from the north starts from the time Babur’s father the ruler of Ferghana died when a dovecot fell on him followed by an earthquake in 1494. Babur is the only child of Umar-shaikh and Kutlugh Nigar, At the age of twelve he was crowned the prince of Ferghana with the help of his maternal grand mother Esan Dawlat, who claims to be a descendant of Genghis Khan, his mother Kutlugh Nigar and his military guide and mentor Wazir Khan. As Ferghana was always under threat from the uzbeks and Shaibani Khan many felt that Babur was inept to rule, he and his chief bodyguard Wazir Khan worked together and eliminated all those who opposed him being a ruler of Ferghana including his grand Vizier.

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Shaibani Khan and the uzbek fighters were better, horrible and more in number than Babur and his men. However, he could not get the most out of Shaibani Khan and his men who was killed by the persian forces ultimately. Raiders from the north has a either a battle or a fight every few pages and even shows the human nature as something more generous and
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