Raiders Of The Lost Ark Analysis

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One of director Steven Spielberg’s greatest films, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the quintessential Indiana Jones film. This movie opens in a jungle where protagonist Dr. Indiana “Indy” Jones is revealed as he seeks an ancient relic in a booby-trapped cave. It is this jungle scene at the film’s opening which is perhaps the best example of the director’s ability to hook the viewer for the remainder of the film. During the aforementioned scene, the Nazi forces reveal themselves as the antagonists of the film, and continue to present the biggest obstacle to Indiana Jones. As the movie progresses, the plot develops the title character as someone who would risk life in order to follow through on his promises and aspirations. Actor Harrison Ford portrays Dr. Jones with a distinct sense of…show more content…
One of the great mysteries of this film is the origin of Charles Foster Kane’s final word, “rosebud,” which is the story’s predominant driving factor. The film details the businessman’s life, from success in the business world, to eventually a death enveloped in loneliness and regret. At the end, the movie reveals the origin of rosebud, which is the name of the sled Kane played with as a child, moments before he was taken away from his family. For a movie about the life of a fictional newspaper magnate, this film exemplifies the often-lonely lives of the wealthy. It serves to show that friends and relationships cannot be bought; these things require personality and decency. Citizen Kane teaches the viewer the lesson that life is what one makes of it, and that wealth does not equate to indefinite happiness. Thus, the messages the film delivers are its most successful aspects and are pertinent, also, to modern society. As a film, Citizen Kane is a classic which has, unfortunately, become outdated, yet offers powerful life lessons to its
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