Rail Transport Impact

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The purpose of this paper is to report our findings of the impacts of rail transport infrastructure to the local area and community. The things that need to know is whether the impact that come out from build rail transport infrastructure give good impact or not to the local area and community. In some cases, rail transport infrastructure became important to some country so that they could give some contribution to their users. Although personal automobiles are convenient and provide travel flexibility, they cause congestion and accidents, increase energy consumption and emissions and generate sprawl and are exclusionary to low income and disabled populations (Richardson, 1999). Their awareness to serve a good rail transport infrastructure…show more content…
Among the effects that will arise is affecting human health. Noise pollution will impact on hearing and psychology. Chronic exposure to noise may cause hearing loss. Old boy exposed to significant noise reduction will be more sensitive hearing compared to peers who are not exposed to noise despite their age difference is not significant. Psychologically, noise pollution can cause human communication disorders, sleep disorders and affect the mental stability of mind and focusing hard to do. Unwanted noise can also change the behaviour of an individual. Individuals who are exposed to noise will feel stuffy and depression. Noise can also interfere with a person's communication process. The message cannot be delivered clearly and there may be misunderstanding the intent of a message. For example, someone speaking area of the construction site in operation, it is likely the message is clearly…show more content…
The effects of rail transit are most acutely felt in the property and residential sector. For these reasons, much of the research performed on the impact of rail transit on property values focuses on the impact of residential property values. residential property impact of the apartment rentals around the stations of the rail transit. the regional heavy rail system have detailed the impact on property values to the potential for housing near transit, comparisons were made between the property values of new housing developments around several transit stations many of them newly constructed and developments. Well, near of the station areas rental housing units near rail transit many of the consumer found to enjoy the residential rents for those facility near at the rail terminal. Because of that, the demand of the residential rent near at the rail terminal cost is
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