Movie Essay: The Success Of Rain Man

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Three hundred fifty four million dollars; that’s much of the most awarded, most successful, and most influential movie of the 1988’s made. The Academy Award winner of 1988, Rain Man, is often considered the best film of that year. Thanks to the director, Barry Levinson, Rain Man has achieved many successes in its production, its success after the film was produced, and achieves success in its own script.
Although Rain Man is a meaningful and touching film, it did face plenty of challenges. One of these biggest problems was the fact that some of the film was produced and released during the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike (Rain Man). Although the script was already written during this time, the strike still affected the film. Instead, most of the movie was photographed during the strike. Despite this challenge, most of the movie remained unhindered, except for the final scene where critics could tell that it was rushed, but to the average watcher, it looked just like the rest of the movie.
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One of Rain Man’s greatest achievements is that it won a plethora of awards. To start, Rain Man had won multiple Oscars: one for Best Picture, another for Best Actor in a Leading Role, one more in Best Director, and finally, Best writing. In addition, it was also nominated for Oscars in the Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Film Editing, and Best Music respectively. In addition, Rain Man had won a Golden Globe, another prestigious award in the film industry, for Best Motion Picture in the drama category as well as Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, also in the drama category. Rain Man has won more awards than just American-based awards though. At the Berlin International Film Festival, Rain Man had won a Golden Berlin Bear, which is another prestigious award that is based in Germany (Rain Man:

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