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(soft music)The type of people that Penn's looking for, when you go through the admissions process, here,is that extra special something that leads to people like Matt and Adrian, finding opportunity like the President's Engagement Prize, and taking the initiative to do something with it. My Name's Adrian Lievano. I'm a senior, here, at the University of Pennsylvania. And I'm Matt Lisle. I'm also senior here at the University of Pennsylvania in mechanical engineering. - [Adrian] There are 800 million people in this worldthat lack access to clean water. - [Matt] And over 3. 4 million of those people die each year from water-borne related illnesses. So the need for an innovation in water technology is more prevalent than ever before.…show more content…
I think it's no surprise where they are right now. And their project, what they are proposing is actually very big. They're trying to recover rainwater and make it potable. Make it water such that you can drink. - They're great engineers, but more importantly, they're engineers with a mission to make a difference for people whose lives are really cut shortbecause they don't have access to the things that we take for granted, like clean water. - We came up with this idea after we heard about this seed called the miracle seed. It's called the moringa oleifera. One of these seeds can purify between one and four liters of water. You take these seeds and you crush them up into a fine powder, mix it up, let it settle, and then you've removed between 90 and 99 percent of bacteria, heavy metals, and all the stuff that you don't wanna drink. The map of the world that needs clean water and where the seed grows is pretty much one to one. Imagine the impact that we could make. - [Adrian] I think we can do somethingpretty incredible here. Our plan is starting this summer,we're gonna do research and development to try to understand how the system works at a large scale. - [Matt] So, this project is focused around a

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