Raina Telemeier Character Analysis

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“Places, everyone!” Drama is an exciting, emotional, and unexpected series of events or set of circumstances. Through vibrant graphics and intricate plots, Raina Telgemeier encaptures all of this in her graphic novel, Drama. Drama is filled with many ups and downs, but the protagonist, Callie, overcomes numerous challenges with heroism and the help of her friends. From her middle school musical to boy trouble, Callie realizes that all drama isn’t that bad. Raina Telgemeier’s Drama should be included in the Little Free Library due to its heroic lessons, Telgemeier’s confidence boldness in attempting to socially broaden the minds of young readers, and its established popularity.
First off, Drama exemplifies heroic values such as strength and persistence that can be found in the book’s role model, Callie. Callie Marin, the main protagonist, is faced with many challenges during her seventh grade year that she easily persists through thanks to her unwavering strength. Callie has had a crush on her friend Greg for a long time, and when he finally kisses her, he blows her off and gets back together with his ex. Callie is upset at first, but she has to get over it since she needs to put all her energy into a show she is helping out with. Although she is still hurt, she finds the strength within herself to get over him and help out with scenic design for the musical. In addition to strength, Callie is also persistent, which helps her along in her heroic journey. When fourth grade students at Old Donation School were asked “What are some traits that can be found in heroes?” persistence was one of their main responses. Callie is very determined throughout the entire novel, but especially when working on her
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Through bold characters and plots, the lessons taught in Drama would enrich the minds of all the Little Free Library
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