Analyzing Cath's Rainbow Rowell

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A girl going thru life one step at a time. The book that I read is called Fangirl the person that wrote the book is Rainbow Rowell which I was just introduced to and I think if you are someone that really likes teen novels and fiction this is a book for you. I believe the theme of my book is when you are going thru life there will be ups and downs but there will be a way that you will get thru it.Cath had a lot of ups and downs but here are some that happened and Cath has been able to get thru them. Cath almost got expelled for plagiarism however Professor Piper let her have a second chance. Cath has a twin named Wren and Wren had alcohol poisoning on the other hand she got better. Since Cath was given a second chance on her essay however she wasn’t going to take it after…show more content…
Cath isn’t taking the chance to rewrite the essay even though she was given a second chance. After sometime she finally starts writing the essay; finishes the essay and finishing the Fiction essay she won’t get a bad grade in the class and she get in trouble for lying to Wren, Levi, and of course Professor Piper.Cath said that she wasn’t going to be doing the fiction writing even though she was given a second chance but if she ignored the essay she would fail that class do to it being a finale grade. “It didn’t even matter where Cath started, as long she finished. SHe started typing…” “This wasn’t good, but it was something. Cath could always change it later. That was the beauty in stacking up words---- they got cheaper, the more you had of them . It would feel good to come back and cut this when she’d worked her way to something better . Cath has finally finished her Fiction essay even though it wasn’t her favorite thing that she wrote, but her finishing the Fiction essay she won’t fail the class and she will stop lying to a lot of
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