Rainbow Song Analysis

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There are times wherein life throws us lemons. When we cautiously and tediously planned out something, only to find out it didn’t work and our efforts were put in vain. It is as if the world was playing with us, like were marionettes held captive on our strings. We don’t know what’s wrong but everything isn’t right. Slowly, then, we falter and let our insides be consumed by waves of anger, sadness, disappointments, and regrets. Black skies above our heads, rain pours, and we are drowned in our own setbacks. However, the song entitled ‘Rainbow’ reminds us to feel different, that its normal to be not okay and it’s going to be alright. It is sung by a Filipino band South Border and it served as one of the official sound tracks for the Filipino movie ‘Crying Ladies’ starring Sharon Cuneta and Angel Aquino. Composed by Jay Durias and Sharon Inductivo, the song encourages us and empathizes as we undergo through various hindrances in life. Using the formalist approach, I will deduce the song as a poetry, and analyze the components making it a poem and how these components work together to form one cohesive message. I see the speaker as a loyal friend, cheering up his/her own friend who is down. The speaker can also be a parent giving an important life advice to his/her son/daughter. Yet I can also see the speaker as God, talking to us as if assuring us that all is well. I don’t specifically have a concrete idea of the speaker given that the song’s point of view can be interpreted
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