Rainer Maria Rilke's Mother And Son

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Rainer Maria Rilke, author of “From Childhood,” and Alden Nowlan, author of “Mother and Son,” are both understanding of the fact that everyone has a mother—a woman from which each individual in existence was brought onto the earth. Through their literary works of art, their knowledge that the biological tie between mother and child is something that all human beings possess is evident, as well as their understanding that any further relationship past this biological connection is in the hands of each individual mother. “From Childhood” is an account of a mother and son rapport in which the mother is the driving force that stifles and smolders her child’s flame. “Mother and Son” delves into another relationship between mother and son, yet this recount evokes discomfort due to the slightly abusive undertones within each line. Close examination of varying maternal relations, from smothering, to abusive, to a seemingly unbreakable tie in “From Childhood” and “Mother and Son” points to the idea that though all human beings alike do indeed have a biological mother, no two relationships are the same, which ultimately proves how each mother child rapport has its own place on the very wide spectrum of relationships. Most, if not all, people have the knowledge that it is a mother’s natural tendency to be loving and caring; it is even considered a social norm. “From Childhood” by Rainer Maria Rilke depicts a mother who is perhaps too loving and too caring, or too extreme in regard to
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