Rainfall In Bangladesh Essay

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Bangladesh girded in two sides by the Himalayan range and touched by the Bay of Bengal in the south. This geographical position as well as tropical monsoon climate, has made this country is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, chancy weather events; poor institutional capacity, insufficient financial resources, and imperfect infrastructure have made Bangladesh highly vulnerable . Anomalous Rainfall is a recurrent feature of the climate and it is common in Bangladesh. The potential impact of rainfall on agriculture is also of great concern. It is related to the inadequate rainfall over an extended period of time, usually for a season or more. This scarcity of drinking and irrigating water in the northwestern parts…show more content…
The post-monsoon months of October and November are transition months from summer to winter and it is quite hot in October. Rainfall over the country during winter is very scanty and does not exceed 5% of the yearly total. The driest month of the season is December when the northern and the western districts get hardly 3-10 mm of rainfall; the coastal districts of Barisal, Noakhali, Chittagong and the Chittagong Hill Tracts get 15-30 mm of rain. With the progress of the season, the rainfall increases over the whole of the country. The rainfall during the pre-monsoon is about 15% though it varies from region to region. The rainfall during the summer monsoon is about 75% of the yearly total. The rainfall during post monsoon period is about 5% though it may be more if there is a depression or cyclone .Ahasan et al. (2010) observed that the country experiences a hot summer of high humidity from late March to late June, a somewhat cooler but still a hot and humid monsoon from late June through October and a cool dry winter from November to the end of

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