Characteristics Of Rainforest

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Rainforest have different types of weather patterns , different types locations and different type of species of animals, and plants . According to Ecological Research (2000) An equatorial rainforest in the coastal region of West Sumatra suffered a long period of dry and hazy weather in 1997. Many animals that live in rainforests are threatened by distinction , because the rainforest population is getting smaller and some of the animals will not be safe. They can die because of starvation , weather problems , heat , thirst , natural causes and predators . Or they could get sick by eating things the’re not suppose to , but they have to in order to survive so , so they can stay alive . Plants can also die if they don’t get enough sun ,…show more content…
The rainforest has the smallest percentage of earth but has more than 50% of animal and plants on earth. Rainforest are found all over the wo4ld except antarctica because it is to cold and plants won't get sunlight and they will die out and the animals with die from the cold weather cold weather. Rainforest have the most percentage of of plays that help rainforest. About 25% of our medicine has been found in the rainforest. The largest tropical rainforest is the amazon rainforest .

According to Rainforest Facts The rainforest population decrease from 14% to 6% it has gone down 8% in less than 40 years. Rainforests are being destroyed by human commands. Experts estimate that we have lost about 137 plants, animals, insects,

Due to the cutting down of the trees in rainforests that are used to make household items it is a threat to the animals that live in them. Soon there won't be any place the animals will have to go and they will all become extinct and the plants will die and there will be no cure for cancer or other medicines to cure the sick and then more people would start to die if they are not getting the care they need. Due to roads and tunnels the trees are also getting cut down so people can go through them safely but at the same time they are putting the animals lives in danger. Soon all the rainforest will be erased
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If we do not get the oxygen we need we will not be able to breath the people will get sick and die. Then when people start to die the population will start to decrease in the rainforest . The animals are in the rainforest are in danger by other animals that they see them as a threat and try to attack to keep themselves alive. There are major threats to the rainforest such as mining, agriculture, hunting, fishing, ranching, and smuggling.

Some animals keep themselves safe by camouflaging there surroundings. Most rainforest animals are able to blend in to a specific part of the rainforest. Some animals of the rainforest can change their color whatever color they want. Some animals of the rainforest animals travel underground in a tunnel they make. It's easy to dig a hole in the rainforest because the floor of the rainforest is soft. Other animals can climb trees so it is easier for them, and they can also hide in trees and that will make it harder for their predators. Some animals are fast on their feet so they can run really fast away from predator. According to Upforest we have over 100 different types tree in the
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