Film Summary: Naturalism In The Amazon Rainforest

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Naturalism It was typical for it to rain heavily here. Well again it is in the name, rainforest. Barry had always had a fascination with nature, and felt a sort of connection to it. When he was a freshman in college he decided he wanted to become a rainforest cartographer. He dreamed of traveling to the Amazon rainforest and exploring and mapping what has not yet been touched by man. Here he was, sitting in his canoe, on the undiscovered river. He had prepared for years for this and decided it would be best for him to make his first journey alone, despite others opinions. As Barry looked around, he marveled at the lush green plants, he was an easily distractible man; he often let this get to him. As he was taking in the beautiful scenery,…show more content…
He quickly got up and got his stuff together. The morning mist surrounded him and the sky was as clear as a crystal. He was very thankful for the amazing weather. He headed back towards his meeting spot with the pilot, he knew he had to get there by nightfall or he would miss his plane and be left in the rainforest. He used his best knowledge to take his previous path to his destination. It was going quite smoothly; he had not had any obstacles today. He continued to follow his path until it came to an end. He failed to remember that to get to his destination he would have to cross the river. He remembered warnings of Puranas. With this knowledge he decided to test the water by throwing in the last of his food, a beef stick. To his surprise he did not see any Puranas so he believed his only obstacle was the quick water. He laid his backpack down on the bank of the river. He couldn't bring it with him. He slow and cautiously stepped into the water. He no longer feared Puranas. He started to swim across the river to the other bank. He was about 10 feet away when he heard something swimming behind him. He was scared to look back but when he did he saw a massive crocodile. Barry tried to swim faster but it was no use trying to out swim a croc. He had almost reached the shore as the crocodile chomped the down onto his leg pulling him under the water. The crocodile let go of his leg as he bled profusely. As the crocodile went to grab him again, he very quickly crawled onto the bank and grabbed a large rock. As if he got the strength of a gorilla he threw the rock right at the crocodiles head and managed to crawl away. Barry realized he wasn't going to be able to walk the rest of the way to the plane. His leg was still attached but if he kept bleeding for long. he was going to die. With all his strength and might, he pulled himself along the rocks. He knew if he didn't make it soon to his destination he would be left behind.
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