Rainforestation In The Amazon Rainforest

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The green heart of South America and the largest rainforest in the world, The Amazon. It stretches for almost 7 million square kilometers and is home to 1 in 5 animals in the world. The amazon is far more than simply a collection of trees and animals but it regulates the entire planet’s atmosphere. Most people think trees get their physical structure from the soil but in reality trees get their nurturance from the air, They are breathing organisms. Trees clean our air by absorbing all the carbon dioxide and storing it as carbon. It’s this extraordinary ability of trees that make them so valuable to us. Rainforests around the world capture around 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide. All the pollution we put out into the air from things like cars,…show more content…
Rainforests are the last location for animals that are rapidly disappearing out of existence. Destroying them is destroying non-human lives, which means this action is a very anthropocentric view. Anthropocentric means a human view, where we only think of what is benefiting ourselves but not other species. If this continues out grandchildren may not even be able to visit the Amazon. Without rainforests, humans would be facing filthy air, lifeless soil and chronic droughts that would lead to wars over the little fresh water that was left. So considering the future of the human race it’s a combination of anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric. If we were to stop deforestation its saving humans…show more content…
But at the same time, it could just be considered just anthropocentric outlook because we would only be stopping just to save ourselves.
I have already stopped eating and purchasing palm oil, non-recycled toilet paper, and paper. I think another way I can help is to start riding my bike to work. I live close enough that it wouldn’t take over thirty minutes to get there by bike. I draw the line for school, I don’t have the time to bike five times a week. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t take the bus instead and it’s something I’ve been considering, but if I have a car I feel I should use it. Until recently, I was a vegetarian for 6 years and somewhere in between a vegan for two. I have been eating meat on occasion, but I’m planning to change that very soon. I find all of these examples important, it makes me healthier and helps the Amazon since most of the logging being done there is for cattle

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