Rainsford And General Zaroff Relationship Essay

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Theory of Relationship:
The relationship between Rainsford and General Zaroff is that of a friend becoming an enemy.
Paragraph 1:
“He was finding the general a most thoughtful and affable host, a true cosmopolite” (7 Connell).
In this passage from “The Most Dangerous Game” Rainsford’s first impression is that general Zaroff is nice and polite. Rainsford mentions how he was a “thoughtful and affable host”. In other words they are getting along and having a good time together while the general is being especially being nice and hospitable. Since Rainsford is enjoying the general so much I think that they are becoming friends and bonding over their shared interest in hunting. The use of friendly banter and positive thoughts towards the general shows that Rainsford is liking the general more and more. Rainsford also describes him as “A true cosmopolite”. This phrase uses descriptive adjectives and nouns to describe Zaroff in Rainsfords thoughts. In this passage Rainsford is describing the general as a cosmopolitan.
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Rainsford fears him and fears for his safety “Put distance between himself and General Zaroff.” He wants to as far away from Zaroff because he hates him and if he is caught he will be killed. Connell is telling the reader he is kicking into survival gear and getting the heck away from the danger. My claim is proven furthermore when Rainsford is thinking “Something like panic” which shows his instinct. In this passage Rainsford is panicking because his once friend is now trying to kill him. He is afraid of Zaroff and death so he is running in the woods distressed, and panicking. Connell’s use of words shows Rainsford’s panic in the first minutes of the game. Though the use of Rainsford’s thought and opinions, Richard Connell establishes a friendship that turns out to be with an
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