Rainsford Argumentative Essay

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During the game Rainsford is terrified. But he pulls himself together because if he doesn’t General Zaroff will surely kill him. Rainsford displays courage, cunning, and reason in his escape from Zaroff. The first thing that Rainsford displays is courage. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. Rainsford displays courage by not freaking out or being scared. But instead Rainsford is able to abate the intensity of his situation and by doing this he is able to calm himself down. By staying calm Rainsford is able to face General Zaroff many times. When Rainsford faces General Zaroff he holds his ground, hoping for the best instead of running away scared. Another thing that Rainsford displays is cunning. Cunning is having or showing skill in achieving something. Rainsford displays cunning by using skills that he picked up while in different parts of the world on General Zaroff. The skills that Rainsford uses is the Malay man-catcher, the Burmese tiger pit, and the Uganda knife trick. He uses these skills to annihilate General Zaroff. These skills that Rainsford used didn’t exactly go as planned and General Zaroff agitate him of his failure.…show more content…
Reason is the power of the mind to think, understand, and form justices by the process of logic. Rainsford displays reason by not going to the obvious places. For instance the ocean because is probably where most people go first and that is why it is dangerous. Instead Rainsford comes up with plans that are somewhat astute and successful. This is what helps the most in his escape from General Zaroff. In addition Rainsford at first was probably bewildered. But after awhile he was able to acknowledge and understand his situation. Rainsford was able to overcome his fear with courage, he was able to escape General Zaroff with cunning, and was able to strategically plan with reason. Rainsford displayed courage, cunning and reason in hi escape from General
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