Rainsford Dialectical Journal

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At the end Rainsford kills Zaroff when he is asleep. Then Rainsford keeps the house then his old shipmates ship crashes on the island. They are petrified because of the rumors. Rainsford sees them and they are pleased to see him and Rainsford invites them in for tea and bread. After they eat and finish their tea they go out to go hunting to add to their collection. It was close to dawn when they finished hunting. They went back to the lodge to clean off for dinner and bed. For dinner they had cream of mushroom soup. After dinner they went to bed. They loved the beds they said it was like laying on a nice fluffy cloud. At seven a.m they woke up and had left over soup. It hit eight oclock when they gotten finished eating and washing their clothes.…show more content…
The sound of crunchy leaves and twigs breaking. Whitney grabbed his rifle and held it in the direction from where the noise was coming from. Then the noise had stopped but they still couldn’t see whom or what it was. After a few in silence they began to do what they were doing before the noises started to happen. They walked off into the woods after they’ve gotten done finishing cooking. They wanted to find whom or what was making those loud noises. Rainsford, Whitney, and some other shipmates split up and while they was split up there was a shipmate name Paul. Paul was only in his early twenties. Paul was walking and then out of nowhere Paul turned around and seen a huge buff man bleeding from his arm add head. Paul was petrified. Paul was trembling in fear. Ivan the big tough guy took the gun from Paul. Then Ivan shot Paul. After the gun went off Whitney, Rainsford, and the other shipmates listens for where the gunshot came from the direction. They ran and the see Paul on the floor bleeding like crazy. They carried Paul to the lodge. When the had gotten to the front stairs they had noticed that someone had gotten in because the front door was open. They walked in and laid Paul on the couch. Ivan killed everyone even himself in
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