Rainsford In Aldous Huxley's The Most Dangerous Game

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It takes a lot to be a survivor. Some people have good mental toughness and are adaptable. Some stay strong and be courageous. Whether it’s being hunted down or adapting to a new place and changing yourself, or being trapped in a ravine for 127 hours with nothing but a camera and a multi-tool knife. This is what it takes to be a survivor. –Nolan As a good illustration of a survivor, Rainsford shows an important trait of one. Rainsford has what it takes to be a survivor, that trait Rainsford has is courage. Rainsford is very brave and smart; he is able to confront his fear of things without even thinking he just does it. Clarified in the MDG packet on lines 681-682, “Rainsford hesitated. He heard the hounds then he leaped far out into the sea.” This shows Rainsford has amazing courage to jump 20 feet into the power full, harsh sea…show more content…
Then he managed to escape. Along with Rainsford being courageous, he not only had to jump 20 feet into the ocean but he had to face one of the scariest and hardest things to do. Exclaimed in the MDG packet the last line of the story Rainsford notes, “he had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided.” This clarifies that Rainsford killed Zaroff. Therefore, Rainsford had the courage to come back from the sea he had jumped in and kill him in his own bedroom. Killing a man is one of the scariest things to do, but what he is killing for is right. Doing what is right and hard to do and is fearful is courage. Rainsford showing a great example of courage demonstrates that he has what it takes to be a survivor. –Nolan In like manner, Hyeonseo Lee is very courageous but is also adaptable. Hyeonseo Lee has what it takes to be a survivor, she
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