Rainsford In The Most Dangerous Game

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Have you ever been in a life or death situation? There is a man in a short story who has experienced a life changing three days. The story, “The Most Dangerous Game”will have you on the edge of your seat as you this action packed tragedy. While reading this tale, one feels as if they are actually taking part of this tragic story. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” several inferences can be made of Rainsford, that gives on an understanding of his character

In “The Most Dangerous Game,” an unfortunate man, named Rainsford, finds himself in a deadly game. Known around the world for his skill in the sport, Rainsford is a celebrity hunter. Speaking to his companion, Whitney, they chat about hunting as they are on their way to hunt jaguars. One day, he falls off of his boat, swims to the shore of an island called “Ship Trap
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Starting at the beginning, one supposition can be made about Whitney and Rainsford. Since Whitney cares about animals and Rainsford does not, he must be the better hunter. “... ‘Who cares how a jaguar feels?’ ‘Perhaps the jaguar does,’ observed Whitney. ‘Bah!’” this demonstrates how Whitney and Rainsford have clashing philosophies. A second presumption could be that Rainsford is a very educated hunter as shown in this quote stated by Zaroff, “‘Not too many men know how to make a Malay mancatcher. You are proving interest.’” Another conclusion that one could make is that in a sense Rainsford could become the “new” General Zaroff after the general “furnished a repast for the hounds.” At the end of the three, long days, Rainsford seemed to want revenge, a thirst for death and seemed very dark. “Rainsford did not smile. ‘I am still a beast at bay.’ he said in a low, hoarse voice. ‘Get ready General Zaroff.’” While reading this quote, one may conclude that Zaroff is gone, and Rainsford has taken his place. From these inferences, one’s understanding of the story can
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