Rainsford's Character In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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In the fictional story, “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, the author talks about the character traits and how they are related to the conflict. The external conflict reveals many traits that the characters have and how those traits are described about them. Through the conflicts, Rainsford is revealed to be a clever and persistent person who doesn’t give up and Zaroff is a cunning, passionate person. During the conflict, Rainsford is revealed to be clever because he sets up sneaky traps and plans to avoid being spotted by Zaroff. “He thought of a naive trick in he had learned in Uganda. He caught hold of a springy young sapling and to it he fastened his hunting knife, with the blade pointing down the trail; with a bit of wild grapevine he tied back the sapling” (16).This shows how clever Rainsford is for setting up secret traps and plans. Rainsford is also shown to be persistent because he tries to avoid Zaroff even though he almost gets caught. “An idea that held a wild chance came to him, and tightening his belt, he headed away from the swamp” (17).…show more content…
Zaroff is shown to be a cunning person for hunting humans who acts as a tartar since he feels no remorse for what he hunts. “I wanted an ideal animal to hunt, explained the general. Why Should I not be serious, I am speaking of hunting” (9) This shows how devious Zaroff is for hunting humans and having no regret for it since he thinks humans are uncivilized and acts as a knouter. Zaroff is also revealed to be passionate about hunting since he starts hunting at a young age and doesn’t get bored by it. “Naturally, I continued to hunt grizzliest in your Rockies, crocodiles in the Ganges, Rhinoceroses in East Africa. And hunting, remember, had been my life” (8). This proves how passionate Zaroff is about hunting. These are the character traits that the author reveals about Zaroff during the
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