Rainsford's Conflict In 'The Dangerous Game'

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“...you have 3 days…”. Rainsford plus the General where at this weird island also, they were stranded there. While writing a thesis statement I have my own opinion. A thesis statement should be debatable. So not everyone is going to agree with it. The reader should know that I might not think what they think. Literature with life are connected with character, conflict, plus characterization when you use your action in decisions reflect characterization
What was the conflict? The conflict in the story, The dangerous game, was between the two characters Rainsford plus the general. The general made a bet saying “if you survive 3 days while being hunted, I will take you to the island.” This quote shows how they had a conflict between them. By making the story how the two characters, Rainsford, which was with the general wanted to battle each other. He wanted to battle, but he (the general) decided he didn't want to anymore because apparently it was too easy for him. I think the conflict was that the general wanted to hunt Rainsford because hunting was too easy for him.
The type of narration is third, second, and first person view. Its 3rd person limited plus third person omniscient. In the story there are multiple switches between the POV by having …show more content…

I don't go anywhere or do anything like what I couldn't do before. It's not fun because everyone is having fun, except me. While I'm at cheer practice, the only thing I can do is sit there bored, tired, plus in a bad mood while I watch everyone else, which was even worse! This has also changed my life emotionally wise. I used to love, cheer but now, not so much. Sitting there, not learning anything is basically what sums up my practice. I think this problem has changed me because I don't really enjoy doing those things

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