Rainsford's Opinions In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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One thing that will not change in our world is the conflicts between opinions. It is easy to contradict people’s opinions based on our own point of view. In the story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell a controversial event emerges when Rainsford kills General Zaroff. Many people have different points of view on weather Rainsford is a murderer or not. Rainsford should not be considered a murderer because he needed to get of the island, felt threatened, and needed to win General Zaroff’s game. Rainsford knew from the moment he found out about Zaroff’s game it would be a difficult task to get of the island. After concluding that Zaroff would not let him of the island even after the game, Rainsford had to figure out a way to escape. He figured that Zaroff would kill him even if he won the game. He had to kill Zaroff before Zaroff killed him. Once Rainsford did what he had to do he was free to return home. Killing Zaroff was the only way Rainsford could be free. Since Rainsfords arrival in Zaroff’s home there was a feeling of danger. When Rainsford first entered Zaroff’s house Zaroff seemed very mysterious. Zaroff seemed too nice and sometimes hostile. When Zaroff talked about hunting with Rainsford, Zaroff seemed obsessed with hunting to the point where it became scary. Rainsford finally realized the threat Zaroff was when he refused to hunt…show more content…
When Rainsford saw Zaroff’s trophy room he knew that the loser of the game would die. If Rainsford wanted to live he would have to win the game. It is true that Rainsford set up traps that could have killed Zaroff but the only way to win was to kill your opponent. Rainsford was also acting in self defence as Zaroff tried to kill him using his bow and arrow, rifle, and hounds. Although the only way to win was to kill your opponent, Rainsford tried to find another way out by pretending to fall into the
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