Rainsford's Short Story, The Most Dangerous Game

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When the blindfold slipped off, I was surrounded by many unknown faces. The blaring heat pounded at my face. Many soldiers were around me, speaking in Arabic tongues. A camera was pointed at me when the executioner came up. He muttered Arabic words fast and fluently. The only word I could understand was Christian. I already knew what was going to happen next. He reared back his sharp machete and swung at my neck.
Many accounts similar to this are happening with the terrorist group known as ISIS. Deaths have skyrocketed since 2014. According to CNN.com,”The bloodshed peaked in June, when ISIS launched a major offensive to take Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, and extend its reach far into the country. There were 2,534 civilian deaths recorded
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He fought his way to shore to find an enormous estate belonging to General Zaroff. General Zaroff and his friend Ivan have lived on this island since The Russian Civil War. They enjoy the finer things of life. Like eating only the finest steaks, wines, and desserts from around the world. However these seemingly fancy people have one dark secret. They hunt humans. Just like that Rainsford becomes another target of Zaroff's. Zaroff kills several people a week. Using only a small caliber pistol and his wits he is an effective killer. After the “kill”, Zaroff takes the head off and puts it on a plaque to go with the other heads. Unlike ISIS, General Zaroff only hunts men of African, Chinese, Caucasian, and Sailor decent. If he does not find the person after one night, he gets the hounds. After the second night, Ivan and all of the hounds. If he does not find the person after three days, The hunted wins. For three days, Rainsford toughed out these conditions by setting elusive traps, schemes, and trails. On the third night, however, Rainsford was being pursued by Zaroff when he made a daring choice. Jump into the water. When he did, Zaroff thought he was dead, but later in the night Rainsford came back and killed Zaroff for the island. In this story, the terrorist dies, hopefully the same will…show more content…
Both Zaroff and ISIS decapitate their victims either after killing them, or, as a way to kill them. Both kill people with different beliefs or lifestyles than theirs. ISIS kills Christians and Shiites. Zaroff kills blacks, whites, chinese, and mongrels. All or most of which are sailors. They both kill with great power and speed, and have killed a various amount of people. Just like ISIS, Zaroff gives his victims a choice. For Zaroff, hunt or Ivan. For ISIS, convert to Islam or die. Most choose to die. Most choose to
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